Risk Management


Working with senior management to identify the balance of risks most suited to the company’s stakeholders, and the actions required to achieve this.

Analysis to determine the need for hedging financial risks:

  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Interest rate & yield curve
  • Liquidity
  • Credit & counterparty
  • Balance sheet structure
  • Return on capital
Ensure appropriate use of derivatives to complement traditional transactions, including:
  • Swaps
  • OTC options
  • Exchange-traded options
  • FRAs
  • Financial futures
  • Commodities
  • OTC & exchange-traded e.g. euronext LIFFE/ LME
Identify and quantify market & dealing risks and formulate dealing guidelines & parameters.

Develop treasury policies, dealing policies and corporate governance principles.


Identified corporate FX risks and established hedges in accordance with IAS 39 for a financial services group. Centralised group cash and revised investment mandates to increase liquidity and investment returns. Identified and implemented group-wide counterparty exposure reports, differentiating client and corporate exposures. Set up group-wide guarantees and indemnities register, with update mechanism.

Specified appropriate Treasury policies for a major utility company to reflect the low appetite for financial risk. These both formalised existing policies and gave the framework for more pro-active management of inherent risks as the business need arose. Linked limit monitoring and reporting to funding covenants. Approved by Internal Audit and the Board.

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