Consultancy Benefits

Our advice and recommendations are totally independent of banks, auditors, lawyers and other service providers. Our advice is impartial, based on independent assessment and analysis. We adopt a flexible approach, responding to our clients’ needs and give practical and cost-effective recommendations, providing true value for money. We deliver customised treasury services tailored to our clients’ particular requirements. We assist clients to achieve effective financial and balance sheet risk management.

Consulting Approach

We work closely with our clients throughout, initially to define the project terms and requirements and to determine how we can help. We encourage the creation of a project team for easy communication and exchange of information. We prepare a detailed project plan, making best use of resources available internally to assist in executive buy-in to the project and to reduce costs. We identify the project costs and deliverables and on-going performance criteria in advance. Using our modular approach, working with clients to identify the main project elements, value can be added quickly by delivering key modules early on.

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Consultancy Service

We provide a personal consultancy service based on our experience as management consultants and Treasurers. We build a friendly working environment based on mutual trust and co-operation. We take a pride in identifying innovative solutions that build on the skills and abilities of the project team. We aim to build ownership by working with the project team to deliver a solution that works for them.

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We have an extensive network of experienced consultants with complementary skills who we can draw on as required for large projects. Projects will be led by Fiona Crisp, principal consultant.

  • impartial, flexible, cost-effective
  • innovative, cost-effective consultancy services
  • modular approach to deliver early results
  • joint project team encourages executive buy-in
  • develop solutions that work

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